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My Approach

My life has been a very interesting one. I've been blessed with an insatiable hunger for knowledge and experiences and seemingly endless energy! After years of working with attorneys, I thought to myself 'how hard could teaching kids be(!)?' and ended up teaching elementary and high school students before moving into academic coaching. Both fields offered a glimpse into the nuances and complexities of pain and suffering that I doubt I would have gotten working anywhere else. Although rewarding, I found myself very frustrated at listening to the challenges of the clients, attorneys, and students with neither the training nor expertise to help them in the ways they most needed. Those frustrations coupled with losing family members and friends provided the wake-up call that led me to pursue my childhood dream of counseling.

I believe that each client is uniquely talented and gifted and that the world needs those gifts. It is an honor to  watch my clients uncover their strengths and abilities. My approach is to meet each client where he or she is at that precise moment to build rapport and develop a relationship that encourages growth. Sometimes, children and adolescents come into therapy showing symptoms of undiagnosed ADHD, anger, resentment or anxiety, having been labeled "the problem," having difficulty misinterpreting situations in a way that leads them to believe they are not okay. I'm authentic with my clients and can meet them in their pain and will encourage them to grow by learning skills to cope with life's stressors. It is important to me that my clients feel heard, that they know what they say is valid and okay, and they feel supported and encouraged.

Sitting face to face sometimes intensifies anxiety, and when it starts to ramp up, we can shift to play therapy, throw the ball around, make art, listen to music, or take a walk. I invite you to reach out to set up a 15-minute free consultation to see how I might help you or your loved one out of despair and dysfunction into healthy communication and living.

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