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Karen Cappello

Therapy gives us a healing space to work together using evidence-based and creative ways to tap into your strengths and values - what's most important to you. I like to embrace nature and get the energy out while talking to my clients through "Walk and Talk Therapy." This is especially helpful if we have anxiety or depression, and those of us with ADHD NEED to move. Click here for a really cool article that explains Walk & Talk Therapy. 

My name is Karen Cappello. Having worked as a legal assistant, teacher, and educational coach, I understand the complexities of juggling a blended family with a career. In 2021, I earned a Master's of Social Work degree from Florida Atlantic University, took and passed my Florida licensing exam, and now work as a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern as I earn hours for Florida State licensure.

My clients say I'm down-to-earth, enthusiastic, and easy to talk to, and I'm passionate about boundaries, positive communication, and coping skills. I'll help you practice being present, accepting yourself and others, expressing yourself positively, and tolerating feelings without wanting to run or shut down. I'm committed to helping you find your way through your challenges, and am excited to talk to you about this. 

The first step is to talk about what's going on with you and whether I'm the best fit for what YOU need. Please call me to chat - I'll be waiting for your call.

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